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The server hosting Print-Web has crashed. How do I restore?


Backup Procedure

Make a backup of the following files and folders:

  • <program files (x86)>\Celiveo Print-Web\eop.xml
  • <program files (x86)>\Celiveo Print-Web\printers.xml
  • <program files (x86)>\Celiveo Print-Web\data (entire folder with subdirectories)

If you have changed Web port configuration or configured SSL certificates, backup this folder:

  • <program files (x86)>\Celiveo Print-Web\etc


When to Restore

The server hosting Celiveo Print-Web crashed.

Restore Procedure

  1. Start by creating the print queues on the new server that Celiveo  Print-Web should be able to print to. On Windows either the built-in  Print Management tools or the command line print migration tool can be  used, which can migrate printers with ports, drivers etc. from old to  new server.
  2. Run the Celiveo Print-Web installer on the new server, and change  the Windows service logon account as described in the Celiveo Print-Web  install guide section.
  3. Restart services, and open the Celiveo Print-Web admin to verify that Celiveo Print-Web has started up successfully.
  4. If successful, then stop all Celiveo Print-Web services on the new server.
  5. Restore backup from old server on new: carefully copy the backup  files onto the new Celiveo Print-Web server, replacing the default  files, and start up Celiveo Print-Web services again. The new server  should be identical to your old server, and at this point, verify the  full operation of Celiveo Print-Web.
  6. Point any Celiveo Print-Web Mobile Gateways from old to new server
  7. If you have installed any Celiveo Print-Web Mobile Gateways on  separate servers, and if the new server has a different IP or hostname  on your network, make sure to update the Mobile Gateways destination.
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