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How do I recover Web Admin and SQL Databases when Server is corrupted?

1. Backup and restore procedure for Web Admin

1.1 Application files


It is not required to back up the installed application files. Instead:

  • Keep a copy of the Celiveo 8 installer.
  • In case of a disaster, reinstall Celiveo 8 on the web server and restore the Databases.


When to Restore

Web Admin is not accessible despite:

  • Web Server has enough free resources (RAM/Hard disk space).
  • Network, Web Server, and Database Server are working properly.
  • Server has been rebooted.
Restore Procedure

Run the Celiveo 8 installer (see Re-installing Celiveo 8 for step-by-step instructions).

Verify Restore Operation
  • Verify if you can open Web Admin.
  • Verify if you can log in to Web Admin.

1.2 Databases

Backup Strategy

We recommend a weekly backup strategy for the databases.

Backup Procedure

The below instructions use SQL Server  Management Studio to back up databases to *.bak files. SQL Server  Management Studio is a free tool, which you can download from  If you do not use SQL Server Management Studio, use these instructions  as a guideline to update your disaster recovery documentation.

To back up the databases:

  1. From the Start Menu, run SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Connect to the Database Server hosting the database. 

  3. In the Object Explorer, expand the Databases node.
  4. Right-click on CeliveoDB. A menu is displayed.
  5. Click Tasks > Back Up. The Back Up Database dialog displays. 

  6. In the Destination section, click Add to specify the backup location. 

  7. Click OK.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 with SJPS database.
Access Permission

Should have database Owner rights on the CeliveoDB and SJPS databases.


When to Restore
  • Database server crashed or cannot connect to the network and you wish to move the database to another server.
  • Database is corrupted.
Restore Procedure
  • Restore the latest backup of the database (see Restoring Celiveo 8 Databases for step-by-step instructions).
  • The new server hostname must be the same as the server which crashed.
Access Permission
  • Administrator and service user privileges are required.
Verify Restore Operation
  • Verify if you can open Web Admin.
  • Verify if you can log in to Web Admin.
  • Verify that you can display the Printer List.

 Print Queue

To recreate the Celiveo Print Queue and download the corresponding driver, refer to the Celiveo Administrator Guide.

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