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[HP] Printer wakes up from sleep every 15 minutes without any print jobs


On HP Futuresmart printers, the card reader beeps every 15 to 20  minutes and at the same time the printer wakes up from sleep mode and  warms up by performing a noisy page feeder and print engine mechanical  test. It then waits for few minutes and goes back to sleep as there is  no print job.


The following symptoms might be seen:

  • USB badge readers connected to printer do not work as expected until after the printer is rebooted
  • USB errors, after the printer wakes from sleep mode
  • Printer starts to sleep and then wakes up abruptly and performs a self-initialization
  • Printer unexpectedly wakes from sleep or hibernate mode
  • Printer's sleep or hibernate mode does not work as expected

USB badge reader not working, USB errors, and other performance issues occur after the printer wakes from sleep mode when the Auto Off after sleep  setting is enabled on an HP LaserJet Enterprise or HP PageWide  Enterprise printer that has a USB badge reader accessory installed.


This is due to the energy saving setting in the HP printer configuration, Auto Off after sleep.  This setting must be disabled when there is any USB device connected to  the printer, otherwise it wakes the printer from sleep mode after few  minutes.


To disable the setting:

  1. In the browser address bar, enter the IP address of the printer in the format shown below:


  2. Sign in as Administrator.
  3. Go to General > Energy Settings.
  4. Under Sleep Settings, select the Sleep after inactivity checkbox.
  5. Enter 15 in the box below. It indicates that the Printer goes to sleep in 15 minutes if there is no activity on the Printer.
  6. Ensure that the Auto Off after sleep checkbox remains unchecked (disabled).

    HP EWS Printer Energy settings

  7. Click Apply to save the settings.
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