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Error C100 [0x40000021]: Enrollment failed. Unable to connect to LDAP Server

Message ID: 0x40000021

When do you see this error?

Usecase scenario to be defined

Why the error occurred?

LDAP authentication failure can occur either due to general authentication failures such as incorrect user name and password entries or internal authentication failures caused by any of the following:

  • connection error
  • connection timeout
  • syntax error
  • search attribute error
  • communication error

In any case, the following message is displayed at the printer:

Enrollment failed. Unable to connect to LDAP Server. Contact your IT support.

When a user reports that they cannot log in to the printer, even  though they are typing the correct password, the administrator can  review system logs to find out what is causing the authentication issue.

What next?

The message indicates that the error occurred during a connection  attempt to the LDAP server, which might be due to an incorrect login  details. It can also be caused by a mis-configured parameter in the  Authentication profile, or missing user information.

To troubleshoot LDAP connection failures, perform the following procedure:

Step 1: Verify authentication settings.

1. Ensure the settings configured under Authentication profile in Web Admin application are accurate.

Step 2: Verify connectivity to TCP/IP ports that are used by AD/LDAP.

We can use PortQry tool supported by Microsoft for this purpose.

Portqry is a command-line utility that helps troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity issues. The utility reports the port status of target TCP and UDP ports on a remote computer. 
  1. Download the PortQry tool from
  2. Follow the steps to install the tool in your system.
  3. Go to the command prompt and execute following command: portqry -n <server name or domain name or IP address> -e <port> -p tcp
  4. Portqry responds with any of the following status:
    1. Listening: Received a response from the target port on the target system.
    2. Not Listening: No process is listening to the target port on the target system.
    3. Filtered: Did not receive a request from the target port. A process may or may not be listening to the port.

Step 3: Check the port exceptions on the firewall settings

  1. If the PrtQry tool resulted as "Not Listening", check the Inbound and Outbound exceptions set for the port on firewall settings.
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