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Authentication against AD takes longer time after printer wakes up from long sleep mode

What:  Authenticating at the printer for first time after waking the printer  from long sleep mode takes longer than expected. This is seen when user  authentication is attempting connection to Active Directory (AD) that  has entered into idle state.

The following symptoms might be seen:

  • Delay in authentication when user attempts Card/ PIN/ Username &  Password authentication at the printer for the first time after waking  up the printer from long sleep mode.
  • Delay in receiving response when user attempts test connection to  Active Directory server through Web Admin (via Authentication Source  Profile).

Why: When AD is in idle state and user tries to  connect to AD (via Web Admin or by authenticating against AD at the  printer), it takes around 20-25 seconds for connection to get  established for the first time. Consecutive connections and  authentications tend to be faster once the AD is up and running.

What's next: This is an expected situation, once the  initial connection with AD is successfully established, successive  authentications at the printer tend to be faster.

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