Celiveo Printer Agent Certificate expiration 2022 for HP printers

Some of the printer agent's certificate are expiring this year, it is advisable to change them by downloading the non expiring ones from our portal.

Why are some printer agents expiring?

HP has implemented a new certification validation process that was introduced on Firmware 3.9.7 or 4.11.2 or 5.2  and therefore an upgrade to this firmware level is mandatory in order  to deploy the Celiveo Printer Agent containing the new certificate.

Are you impacted by the expiry?

  1. If you are using a version prior to Celiveo 8R from 2021 then there’s no issue.
  2. Starting Celiveo 21D we included 2 versions of the HP Printer agent
    1. 8.x.021.xxxx – This version will expire one year after the certificate has been committed to Celiveo. If you are using it will expire sometime in April 2022 but if you are using a version from January 2021 then it will expire in January 2022.
    2. 8.x.121.xxxx – This version does not expire and will continue to run however it requires Firmware 3.9.7 or 4.11.2 or 5.2 as minimum

If you are using an expiring version (8.x.021.xxxx) here is what you need to do:

  • check what is the firmware you are using.  If you use either Firmware 3.9.7 or 4.11.2 or 5.2 or latest, you can proceed with changing the printer agent.
    • In the case where you are using a firmware not in this list, you need to upgrage it to a newer version.
  • Check on our portal (link below) for the non expiring version: 8.x.121.xxxx

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