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KB 20210706 - 4 - Information related to new printer generation

From now on there are now 2 categories of HP Futuresmart printers:
Classic: that's all hp Futuresmart printers released before 2021, they support Futuresmart 4 (FS4) and some will support Futuresmart5 (FS5)
Modern: that's all Futuresmart printers released after Jan 1, 2021, they come with FS5 and don't support FS4.

Classic and Modern printers are binary-incompatible (like software for Windows and Mac are not compatible).
Plugging a current BarDIMM Print USB stick in one of those new printers won't work.
We have developed a new BarDIMM Pro for those printers.

What happens to Futuresmart Classic printers supporting FS4?
Most will get a Futuresmart 5 update, 100% compatible with FS4

How to use BarDIMM on the new HP Futuresmart Modern printers not supporting FS4?
The new Futuresmart Modern printers will use the new BarDIMM Pro white stick, it has a new part number: JM30100Z.
All the new Futuresmart Modern printers  supporting embedded BarDIMM Pro are listed in the HP printers support table.

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