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Re-installing Celiveo 8

The instructions given here are for disaster recovery and not for  first time installation. The installer makes the following assumptions  about the database server that hosts the Celiveo 8 databases:

  • SQL Server is configured to use Mixed Mode SQL Authentication.
  • If Celiveo Enterprise and the database server are not installed on the same server: 
    • SQL Server Browser service is running.
    • TCP/IP protocol for SQL Server is enabled.
    • Firewall is configured to allow remote connection.

Re-installation Procedure

CAUTION: If there is an existing Celiveo 8 on the server, uninstall Celiveo 8 prior to running this installer. Uninstalling Celiveo 8 does not adversely affect any other component (including Celiveo Enterprise databases) that already exists on the server.
  1. Start the Celiveo 8 installer and click Next.
  2. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  3. Specify the folder that you want to install Celiveo 8 and click Next.
  4. In the SQL Server Database step:
    SQL Server setup
  5. Connect to the SQL Server containing CeliveoDB, SJPS and PrintManager90.
  6. In the Username and Password boxes, specify the credentials of a database server administrator account.
  7. Click Test Connection. If the credentials you provided are correct, the Next button becomes available.
  8. If you are installing Track-GreenSaver, tick the Install Track-GreenSaver checkbox. In the User Name, Domain, and Password boxes, specify the credentials of an account that has administrative privileges on the server you are installing Celiveo 8.
  9. Click Validate. If the credentials you provided are correct, the Next button becomes available. 


  10.  In the IIS Configuration window, enter the HTTP  Port and HTTPS Port details. The default values are provided as 80 and  443 respectively. If required, change the port details 

    Port setting

  11. Click Install. Celiveo 8 installs on the server and, after some time, the final step of the installation wizard displays.
  12. When prompted, select Existing License and click Select. Upload the license file (.xml) supplied by your Celiveo representative.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Keep the Default Cost Profile and click Next


  15. Set the Track-GreenSaver master account password and click Finish. Make sure the Add current user as an administrator option is disabled. 

  16. When prompted to exit the Setup Wizard, click [Finish].
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