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Error D26 [0x40000020]: Unable to print or delete any printing jobs at the printer

Message ID: 0x40000020

When do you see this error?

This error can be seen while performing a pull-print job. When user  authenticates at the printer and selects the job to be printed or  deleted (by selecting Print, Print B/W, or Delete icon) the following error message is displayed:

Printer can't connect to print jobs storage. Contact your IT support

Why the error occured?

This error occured because the printer could not connect to Celiveo Virtual Printer HOST due to:

  • network connection error
  • no access to database server
  • Celiveo Server Services connection error

What next?

  1. Check connectivity to the Host server using telnet command: 
    • Issue the following command in the Command Prompt: telnet [domain name or IP address] [port]
  2. If the telnet access fails, check if Celiveo Server Services are running on client PC.
  3. Ensure the Inbound and Outbound settings are set for port 22000 on all firewalls and routers.

If the issue still persists, contact Celiveo support with the printer  logs attached. You can get the printer logs using Celiveo Web Admin.

To download logs:

  1. Go to Web Admin application.
  2. Select your printer.
  3. Go to Printer settings > Advanced tab
  4. Click the Download icon icon next to Enable logs.

    Download logs

  5. A confirmation message is displayed. 

    Confirm Download logs

  6. Click [OK]. The log file begins to download.

Note: The log file is compressed into a zip file before it starts downloading. Hence, allow a little time for the download to begin.

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