What’s the issue?

Starting with the latest FutureSmart 5.5 firmware TLS 1.3 is enabled by default and as such the Celiveo Printer Agent won’t function properly. The reason is that a component used by the Printer Agent is not yet TLS 1.3 compatible and therefore by enabling TLS 1.3 it will not allow this component to execute calls using TLS 1.2.


What can be done for now?

The workaround for now is to lower the Maximum TLS Version in the Printer EWS to TLS 1.2. This is under Networking > Secure Communication > SSL/TLS Protocol, make sure that the Maximum TLS Version is TLS 1.2 this will also remove any ciphers that are TLS 1.3 specific from the list to ensure TLS 1.2 compatibility.


What Will Celiveo do to solve this case?

Celiveo has been waiting for the component manufacturer to release a TLS 1.3 updated version, this just occurred this month and as such we are working to include the new component version in the Celiveo Printer agent this is a lengthy task and our expectation is to have it ready in by the end of Q1 2023.

Customers that want to use TLS 1.3 will be required to upgrade to the new Celiveo Printer Agent due in Q1 2023 and only then they’ll be able to enable TLS 1.3 on the printer EWS.