For some very special support case, you may be provided an electronic license and a special firmware file for BarDIMM Pro. 

The procedure below describes how to use those files on your HP printer, it is not applicable to the standard USB stick form factor.

Unzip file "BarDIMM Pro ELEC-Xxxxxxxxx.ZIP"

 This file contains: 

                - BarDIMM-Pro.bdl firmware file

                - CeliveoSend9100.exe utility 

                - One electronic license file per printer to license, it has a .PJL extension

1- Open the web page of the HP FutureSmart printer: https://printer-ip-address

Sign in as admin and ensure a password is defined as it is necessary to install solutions.

Go to General/Solution Installer and install New Solution : upload the BarDIMM-Pro.bdl file and click on Install

You will see message: 

"Solution Installer

The file has been uploaded and the device must restart to complete the installation. Installation will occur at the next restart."

Click on the "Restart Now" button.


2- When the printer is ready, verify that BarDIMM Pro appears in the printer Configuration Page, in a "IOF 254 requested" line.

3- On your Windows PC, open a command Prompt using the Windows "cmd" command, then go to the directory where you have copied the BarDIMM Pro files. 

Send the license file to the printer using that command:

celiveosend9100.exe <license file> <ip address>

The license file to use has the printer serial number in its name. 

The printer serial number is available on the printer configuration page (it is also accessible from the printer web page).

A confirmation message appears on the DOS console when the file is successfully sent to the printer.

The license has now been loaded on the printer.

4- Print a BarDIMM Pro test file and see if Barcodes are correctly printed. 

BarDIMM Pro files are available here:

Download “BarDIMM Pro8.5 test files - New” , unzip

Take any of those files and send it to the printer from the command prompt using the command:

celiveosend9100.exe <test file> <ip address>

Verify the BarDIMM Page does not include a "DEMO" watermark.

On the Configuration Page of the printer, the BarDIMM Pro line should indicate "(ELICOK)" to indicate the Electronic License is OK.

Note: if the printer formatter is exchanged the electronic license will not work anymore.

In such a case, clients under support contract need to open a ticket on Celiveo Support Portal, attach the old printer configuration page, the technical support report indicating the formatter replacement, and the first page of the printer configuration page produced after the service, to get an updated electronic license.