Celiveo's VAR contract provides distribution rights for Celiveo products within your country. This is not a sole contract.

The VAR contract includes a certification process that gives you the opportunity to obtain discounts and special offers. The certification process consists of the following:

  • VARs receive a list of the topics that will be covered in the certification exam (i.e. Celiveo Enterprise, multi vendors MFPs/printers, etc.) and indications to where the training material can be found (for self-training)
  • Once the candidate has learned the material, he/she can attend a JetClass (annual training provided by Celiveo). 
  • Two representatives per company must attend the JetClass: one sales and one technical. Both must have worked on the certification exam. The certification is per employee, not per company 
  • The JetClass informs and trains VARs in the *new* features of Celiveo. JetClasses do not cover past versions, which are supposed to already have been mastered.
  • Celiveo JetClass training is free of charge to invited VARs (not including the price of travel and accomodation).  

Celiveo VARs benefit from a range of pre- and post-sales tools:


  • The Knowledge Base contains  firmware, software,  PJLs, and other tools and all marketing and technical information (whitepapers, datasheets, user/installation guides, release notes, etc). 
  • Online incident tracking center
  • Online remote training/support  
  • Yearly JetClasses training session
  • Marketing units