Q: Is Celiveo available?
A: Yes, Celiveo 8.0 is available worldwide since the 2nd of November 2015

Q: Is Celiveo backward compatible with SecureJet 7?
A: Celiveo is fully backward compatible with SecureJet 7, supports all its features and migrates all the settings, files and configuration from previous SecureJet setup

Q: Does Celiveo supports the badge readers used for SecureJet 7?
A: Yes, Celiveo supports all authentication devices used by SecureJet 7

Q: Does Celiveo supports the printers and MFPs supported by SecureJet 7?
A: Celiveo supports more devices than SecureJet. For some brands, support for some obsolete printers and MFPs may have been discontinued, we recommend verifying on the printers support page. Those printers and MF¨Pcan continue using SecureJet 7 when newer devices are upgraded to Celiveo.

Q: Our Company has SecureJet licenses, can we migrate them to Celiveo and at what cost?
A: Please contact Jetmobile so that review the best option for your upgrade

Q: What is the current version for Celiveo?
A: Celiveo is starting in version 8, to propose a smooth transition for SecureJet 7 clients

Q: Can I mix SecureJet 7 and Celiveo 8 licenses?
A: Yes, Celiveo 8 and SecureJet 7 devices can be mixed but only devices with Celiveo licenses will supports the advanced features

Q: Can we still purchase SecureJet Enterprise?
A: Celiveo being fully backward compatible with SecureJet 7 clients can order Celiveo 8 to complement their fleet

Q: Our Company uses SecureJet 7, is it still supported?
A: Yes, SecureJet 7 continues to be supported and maintained and Jetmobile will help clients to migrate to Celiveo

Q: When we upgrade to Celiveo, is our support contract migrated automatically to Celiveo?
A: Yes, a support contract for SecureJet 7 is automatically migrated to Celiveo 8