When trying to add the MUP to an AAD joined computer, the following option to add the print queue doesn't appear:

The result of this is that it will not be possible to import on the computer the work or school printers.

How to solve?

This can usually be an issue either with the windows activetion license or a synch issue with AAD.

  • Windows activation
    • To verify your windows activation, navigate to Settings/Update&Security/Activation. You should get something like this:
    • If you see an active subscription you can proceed to the next step.

  • The second part is to check if your computer is joined in the Azure AD
    • First, navigate to Settings/Accounts/Access work or school. you should be able to see the domain your computer is joined to:
    • If it is not joined to the correct domain, you will have to disconnect it and connect again to your organisation's domain.
    • If joined to the right AAD:
      • Click on "Info" and under "Device sync status", check if there is an error message and when was the last succesful sync
      • You can launch a new sync yourself by clicking on "sync"
        • In case of problem with the sync, try to rejoin the domain again