Portal: The address chosen during the subscription process


For the administrator

Once the subscription process has been done and you have defined who will be the administrator of the solution, some prerequisites must be met.

First, the user who will act as administrator need to have the following AAD role:

  • printer administrator

To verify if you have the required role, you will have to sign-in to the Azure portal or Azure AD admin center. Select Azure Active Directory > Users > user name > Assigned roles.

You can see the list of roles assigned to the user at different scopes. Additionally, you can see whether the role has been assigned directly or via group.



Secondly, the computer using the Web admin (tool where you will be able to import your printers and configure your print queues) need:

  • .net desktop runtime 6.x.x 

Note: You will be able to find it at the following link: Click here to dawnload


When the administrator connects to the portal of the web admin, he will be notified to download and install the Admin Browser Agent (ABA). When clicking on Download, a password will be shown (only one time) and will be needed during the installation process (don't forget to save it).

Once installed, the administrator will be able to start discovering and importing printers on his network.


Note: in the landing page of the portal (after signing in), if you still get the message to download the ABA, even after you already installed it, it usually means the service isn’t running. 

In this case, open your services and search for Celiveo Browser Agent Service and start it. You will then be able to search and synchronise printers from the Web admin portal.