In order to upgrade the BarDIMM Pro firmware, you will need the firmware files. 

There are two ways to get those files, depending of who you support contract as been done with:

  • If you have a support contract with Celiveo, please contact the support team to get those files.

When contacting our support, please include the invoice that was sent to you when you purchased your BarDIMM or the support contract.

  • If you bought your BarDIMM with a reseller, you can contact the reseller directly.

Steps to upgrade

Once the files have been sent to you, here are the steps to update / reinstall a BarDIMM Pro stick

  1. Power OFF the printer, unplug the power cord (electricity)
  2. Remove the USB BarDIMM stick from the printer
  3. Connect the USB stick on a PC.
  4. Format the USB stick to FAT32
  5. Unzip the BarDIMM firmware zip file (sent to you by our support team)
  6. Copy on the BARDIMM stick all the files and folder structure 
  7. Connect the BARDIMM stick on the printer.
  8. plug the power of the printer and Power ON
  9. The BarDIMM Pro solution will automatically install on the printer
  10. After reboot, check if the BarDIMM solution is well installed and the BarDIMM version displayed in the IOF (printer Configuration Page in EWS) is the same than in solution installer. The listed version should be now: 8.5A11M or 8.5A7C
  11. Make a test